Modular Psychophysics (mPsy)

What is mPsy?

It is a collection of tools that implements a modular approach to psychophysics.

It lets you write parts of experiment in different languages best suited for each part.

It is free, open-source, and extremely compact. Its core is written in Python.

It embodies a minimalist approach to coding and psychophysics.

It allows one to run experiments locally or over networks.

For example, the timeline of your experiment can be scripted in MATLAB, calling the stimuli written in Python on every trial (without any knowledge of Python), followed by automatic plotting of data in R.

mPsy offers freedom. It saves you from dependence on such expensive commercial software as MATLAB. Still, you may control mPsy from MATLAB if you want to start where you are most comfortable now, and then move on to the open-source, free software as you learn mPsy.

mPsy differs from other psychophysical software in three ways:

  • it requires a small amount of code
  • it is self-contained
  • it is open to control over networks

These and other key features of mPsy are illustrated in a series of Tutorials.